Precision Body Sculpting

For cellulite, fatty deposits and weightless, body sculpting treatment, the LPG technology concentrates solely on your problem areas, like cellulite and fatty deposits that create love handles and stomach paunches. This tissue rolling technology delicately and effectively sculpts the skin into different shapes and depths, all to achieve your ultimate looking body.

Scientific research has shown that LPG technology, a non-surgical solution for stubborn fat, cellulite and sagging skin, activates lipolysis (fat release) by stimulating the adipocytes (fat cells) and B Receptors to trigger the release of trapped fat.

This helps to reshape and redefine the contours of the body by reducing localized fat deposits and tissue volume without compromising any curves or assets you’d like to keep.

This is deeper and more intensive than the sculpting program, allowing for increased precision and efficacy in reshaping targeted areas.

Designed to tighten loose skin, especially after weight-loss, this program communicates with the cells through mechanotransduction. It stimulates fibroblasts as it revitalizes collagen and elastin production, restoring tissue resilience and tone to firm and tighten sagging skin.

Lipomassage for Women + Men


·  Do you have cellulite?

·  Do you store stubborn fat, despite a healthy lifestyle?

·  Do you want to reshape your body and keep your skin firm?

·  Do you want to regain your figure after pregnancy?

·  Are you going through menopause, but don’t want to undergo the hormonal changes that thicken the waist, back, and arms?


·  Do you have love handles?

·  Do you store stubborn fat, despite a healthy lifestyle

·  Are you losing weight, and you want to sculpt your body?

·  Have you lost weight, and you want to keep your skin firm and elastic?

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