1. Is your interest in sex diminishing?
2. Are you often too tired to have sex?
3. Is it increasingly difficult for you to become sexually aroused?
4. Do you experience difficulty maintaining an erection?
5. Do you have difficulty achieving orgasm?
6. Does your erection last as long as you would like?

Male sexual dysfunction, also called erectile dysfunction, involves the inability to achieve or maintain an erection or the noticeable decline in the strength and duration of an erection. Erectile dysfunction can be acute or chronic, which is known as impotence. Its causes are varied and aren’t necessarily a consequence of aging.

The good news is that male sexual dysfunction is treatable. First and foremost, always see your doctor about abnormalities in the erection process. Your physician can determine if there are any underlying organic factors that need to be addressed immediately. Erectile dysfunction is often a preliminary sign of heart disease and/or metabolic syndrome as the penis is highly vascularized and is the first place that will experience reduced blood flow. Stress can also affect sexual performance and desire. Good nutrition and lifestyle choices can significantly assist sexual function by improving overall health.

Certain nutritional supplements are well documented for their success in effectively enhancing male sexual performance and enjoyment without side effects. By correcting nutrient deficiencies and fortifying the body’s physiology with natural supplements, it will be easier to maintain balance in this area.


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“The health of your body greatly determines the degree of success you have with all the other aspects of your life.” ~Dr Eva
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