1. Is your interest in sex diminishing?
2. Are you often too tired to have sex?
3. Is it increasingly difficult for you to become sexually aroused?
4. Do you experience vaginal dryness?
5. Do you have difficulty achieving orgasm?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the preceding questions, you may be experiencing changes in your sexual response and libido due to hormonal imbalances.

Problems with sexual vitality can be brought on by stress, poor lifestyle choices, and aging. A loss of estrogen and testosterone can precipitate sexual challenges. In women, when menopause is either naturally induced due to aging or surgically induced because of partial or complete hysterectomy, production of these hormones and your libido can decrease at the same time.

Sexual vitality is crucial for optimal health, as it helps lower stress hormones and protect the brain from aging. Identifying the key causes and then repairing them with appropriate dietary and nutrient interventions, as well as lifestyle strategies and hormone therapy can restore your sexual vitality.

Nutritional supplementation can help to rebalance hormones, correct nutrient deficiencies that cause physiological changes affecting sexual behavior, and promote increased libido. There are both pharmaceutical and compounded medicines available to increase sexual arousal as well as orgasm such as Scream Cream, Oxytocin, Addyi and Pellets. Call us for a consult today. (310) 271-5438


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“The health of your body greatly determines the degree of success you have with all the other aspects of your life.” ~Dr Eva
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