1. Have you lost and gained the same 20 pounds several times over the past few years?
2. Do you find it difficult, if not impossible to maintain your weight once you have lost weight?
3. Do you feel like when you do lose weight, you are just a smaller, flabbier version of your old self?
4. Are you exercising faithfully but still not losing weight?
5. Does it seem that although you’ve done everything to lose weight, you still can’t lose weight?

If you answered, yes to one or more of the preceding questions, you may have a weakened or sluggish metabolism.

Your metabolism determines the efficiency in which your body burns the calories from the foods you eat and in effect plays a significant role in weight management. Metabolism includes all of the chemical reactions that occur within your body’s cells, which not only keeps your organs working but also helps to maintain an optimal, energized life. A stronger metabolism makes it easier for you to burn off body fat and also maintain (and build) lean, metabolism-boosting muscle.

Several methods can increase a sluggish metabolism including nutritional supplements, a healthy diet of nutritious foods, sufficient water intake, strength training, high intensity exercise and hormonal balance. Still, even the best diet and exercise programs won’t lead to successful weight loss if the body is deficient in key nutrients or full of hormonal dysregulators or even hypothyroid. In fact, certain nutrients not only encourage fat burning, but also support the maintenance of lean muscle in your body. These supplements can help you to lose weight responsibly and keep your metabolism optimized. The identification of toxins which can play havoc on your hormones needs to be identified as well. These situations may require highly sophisticated labs to identify the specific culprit.


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“The health of your body greatly determines the degree of success you have with all the other aspects of your life.” ~Dr Eva
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