The Fatigue Solution Quiz

Do you have the symptoms that underlie extreme fatigue?

  • Even though you met your sleep quota, the alarm clock blasts you awake. You just want to pull the covers over your head and drown out the long day ahead.
  • It’s not just you, it’s certainly not your fault, and you can take action to eliminate it. Chronic fatigue can manifest as numerous and diverse symptoms, including low sex drive, poor concentration, and lack of sleep.

Do you see yourself in these or similar situations?

Mornings without coffee prove inconceivable, and I usually need three or four cups to really start my day.
I get strong, uncontrollable cravings for sugary or salty foods, particularly in the afternoon and/ or before bed.
Despite diligently monitoring my calories and eating low-fat foods, I can’t lose weight.
Concentrating at work becomes a real challenge around 2 p.m. when I begin to experience brain fog and drowsiness.
I really dread “that time of month” as the fated day approaches.
I’ve become very creative with excuses with my partner about why I’m not in the mood for sex.
Most times of the day I feel lethargic and “draggy,” yet my doctor tells me I just work too hard and dismisses me as normal.
More often than not, I awake in the middle of the night and stare at the alarm clock, hoping for sleep so I won’t feel lousy the next day.
I’m exercising less often these days because I just don’t have the energy or initiative.
I’ve tried numerous techniques to reduce stress in my life, but it only seems to increase.
Routine tasks like setting the table and picking up my kids feel like monumental chores that exhaust me.
Sometimes when I’m in a meeting, I feel uncomfortably warm and I start to become tired and sleepy.
Little things that in the past didn’t bother me have started to set me off, and I often find myself irritated and snappy at others
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