Usually, someone comes to Dr. Eva when they are at their wit's end. I know I did! I was tired, sluggish, losing energy and gaining weight! Most of my girlfriends felt out of sync in the same way. Our story is HER story, and Dr. Eva turns it all around so you can look good and feel better. This book is all about supercharging your life and reclaiming the way you used to feel through a 360 approach that is offered with Dr. Eva's big sister approach backed by her unique experience. Read energetic, vital new you is waiting! Leeza Gibbons, TV Personality and Philanthropist


Free Resources, Dr Eva

In my book, The Fatigue Solution, I give the reader the necessary information on a variety of topics to obtain results. As you know, for most topics there is always a place for more information and details. If you are interested in additional resources, I have listed them here to further help you. In addition, the Internet is full of information, although I can't promise what you find will be in alignment with my philosophy.

Lastly, if you still have questions, feel free to contact me at and I will do my best to steer you in the right direction. Please note that I am not able to prescribe or diagnose by email or telephone, and if your question pertains to any medical issue, serious or not, I recommend you see your doctor or health practitioner.

Chapter 4 – Improve Your Sleep and Reduce Your Stress: "Herbal Stress Reducers"

Chapter 5 – Supercharge Your Sexuality: "Hot Plants and Supplements for Sexual Vibrancy"

Chapter 9 – Have Yourself Tested: "Labs and Testing Resources"

Chapter 9 – Have Yourself Tested: "Abadi Supplements"

Abadi Beverly Hills Blends: In several recipes and meal plans I mention two of my products,
Beverly Hills Blend and Beverly Hills Fiber Blend. Click on the links for more information.