This book is about empowering women. It's also my story for the masses. It justifies women's problems by giving them solutions, providing comfort and giving a sense of hope and direction. And it's all accomplished through evidence-based medicine! Eva Cwynar, M.D.



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This book will show you how to maintain your energy and vitality. You'll learn how your hormones create a delicate balance throughout your body's systems and how, when some of those hormones are out of balance, it can throw your overall health way off course and sap your energy resources. . . . Then you'll discover the eight essential metabolically and scientifically based steps to restoring your personal power, your health, your longevity, and your quality of life. Each of these steps is important on its own, but they all work together to restore and repair your energy resources:

• Step #1: Feed Your Energy Furnace
• Step #2: Get Your Gut in Shape
• Step #3: Improve Your Sleep Habits
• Step #4: Supercharge Your Sexuality
• Step #5: Move Your Body and Boost Your Metabolism
• Step #6: Check Your Thyroid
• Step #7: Prepare Yourself for "That Time of the Month"
• Step #8: Have Yourself Tested

Why not leap into the rest of your life? There's no reason to accept what others may see as an inevitable slowdown. Following the Fatigue Solution program, you can help regain mental clarity, restore your vitality, and reclaim your life.

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