Dr. Eva Cwynar Nutrition

What should I eat?
Why can’t I lose weight?
Why am I so tired?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you aren’t alone. Thousands of patients have sat in my office and asked me these as well other questions related to their health and nutrition. It’s why I have a functional nutritionist on my staff.

Nutritionist Samantha Grant, Functional Nutritionist
Samantha Grant, CN has provided exceptional nutritional services in my office for over 5 years and combines her 10 years of natural medicine education with modern medical science. Throughout her successful career, Samantha has helped thousands on their path to wellness. Featured on television and in national magazines, she has worked with some of the top medical doctors in the world. Her extensive nutritional training, coupled with her graduate studies in Homeopathic Medicine has allowed her the ability to assess the issues of her clients in a truly holistic manner. Samantha has extensive training in Western herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers, as well as a working knowledge of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. Her down-to-earth manner and sense of humor allow her to communicate complicated medical terms in bite-size, easy to understand pieces.

Samantha is a member of the National Association of Nutritional Practitioners, a graduate of American University of Complementary Medicine and is a highly sought after speaker.

Functional Nutrition
A functional nutritionist like Samantha Grant acts like your personal diet detective. Together, we all work to find the answers to all of your questions and more. Using state-of-the-art testing, we put the pieces of your nutrition puzzle together and customize a plan that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Perhaps you already eat healthily and exercise regularly, and still the weight won’t come off. It’s possible that the exercise you’re engaged in is making you fatter and decreasing your metabolism. If you have underlying endocrine imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, it’s no wonder you can’t seem to get the body you want.

We can help.

You need a proven approach that utilizes scientific analysis coupled with holistic medical modalities. You need a team with knowledge and authority on nutrition as well as metabolism. And you need a comprehensive nutritional evaluation to begin your weight loss journey.

Nutritional Evaluation
Your nutritional evaluation begins with an in-depth discussion so that we can learn your eating habits, your lifestyle and other health patterns and issues. During the evaluation we will conduct a series of comprehensive tests to give us more insight into you and your body. These tests will provide us with a unique functional profile that will determine your areas of deficiency.

These highly sophisticated tests provide information about oxidative stress and energy production, as well as give us a comprehensive look at how your body burns fat, by looking at potential insufficiencies of a group of nutrients including carnitine, NAC, lipoic acid, and CoQ10. They will determine your body’s inflammatory potential based on fatty acid balance and even reveal unknown digestive abnormalities that may be causing health problems. We also investigate food sensitivities that have been implicated in everything from skin disorders to autoimmune disease.

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